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What Clients Say
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  • "Your accordion performance was the icing on the cake of our Octoberfest event." - Larry C., San Jose


  • "Thank you so much for the beautiful accordion serenade! We especially enjoyed when you played our requests. We look forward to working with you in the future." - Charities Housing, Santa Clara County

  • "Michael Zampiceni's captivating musicianship was well known to members of our Northern California Accordion Society, so we felt fortunate that he accepted our invitation to play for us. His inspiring performance was refreshing to the Sacramento music scene, and his interaction with the packed house was magical. Besides presenting an extensive repertory,  Mr. Zampiceni entertained requests and was not stumped by the audience. There is something about Mike's music that is timeless but utterly fresh and exciting.  We know how lucky we are when he brings his great music to Sacramento." - Jim S., President of Northern California Accordion Society

  • "We recently booked Mike to play for my father's 70th birthday.  We had an outdoor party that was "Italian themed" and Mike's accordion music was the perfect addition.  He played beautifully and even sang a few songs.  At one point, a few of my Italian relatives jumped from their dinner seats to sing along to Mike's joyful music and he really got the crowd going.  Mike was personable, professional, and very easy to work with.  He was very quick to respond to my emails during the booking process and arrived right on time.  If you find yourself in the market for a great accordion player, I would highly recommend Mike." - Mark A., Morgan Hill

  • "Last October we hosted a Festa Italiana at our church parish hall facility.  It was a dinner, dance, and social event celebrating Italian heritage, food, and culture.  We hired Mike Zampiceni to stroll from table to table playing Italian music on his accordion.  Our dinner guests were very impressed and enjoyed all  the Italian songs Mike played.  He did a wonderful job and we enjoyed his performance very much.  He is an expert accordion player.  So if you are looking to put together an Italian evening, I would highly recommend contacting Mike." - Stephen N., Pleasanton

What Other Musicians Say
  • "I recently saw Mike at the Las Vegas Accordion Convention where he performed a few times during the event.  I was sitting at the banquet dinner at one point, when I heard substitutions, advanced and fast jazz lines, with an undertone of true knowledge behind me.  I looked back, and it was Mike playing an American standard.  I am one to be incredibly critical of jazz on the accordion, since I hear so much of 'fake jazz' played on it.  But Mike?  Mike can play.  He has an understanding of theory and harmony, and it was a true pleasure to hear him at that dinner, and later on.  Not to mention what an incredibly warm and humble individual he is."  
Cory Pesaturo,  (link)
World Digital Accordion Champion (Coupe Mondiale)
World Acoustic Accordion Champion (Primus Ikaalinen)
First Person to Ever Win World Championships on Digital, Acoustic, and Jazz  
  • "I hired Mike on an Italian and jazz job recently and I was very impressed.  I have very high standards regarding who works with me on professional music jobs.  I have been a very successful music contractor and band leader for nearly 30 years on the West Coast.  When I look for musicians to play with me for a performance, I look for someone who can read music easily, play both rhythm and lead parts, improvise, and balance his or her place in the ensemble.  Not only did Mike play beautifully in all the capacities I've mentioned above, but he also had a great attitude and performed above and beyond what I was expecting.  He also has a nice voice as well.  When he soloed, his improvisations were fluent, clean, and most importantly, very creative.  He had no issues nor difficulty interfacing with the client, either.  He's a true pro through and through.  I would refer him any time as a fine musician who is creative, professional, and understands the culture of the working musician."
Ben Brussell, Benny Be Music Productions  (link)
  • "Mike's music is a joy to listen to, even more so to watch live, because he not only plays fabulously, he entertains. But this isn't the accordion-gimmick novelty entertainment you're used to seeing; this is musicianship through and through. At the foundation of Mike's performance is the rare combination of the jazz professional's impeccable ear with the classical concert player's consummate, effortless technique and subtlety of execution. Add to that a repertoire with hundreds of popular, jazz, and classical pieces on tap, and top it off with a sense of humor and audience rapport. That's what you get when you see and hear Mike play, and he somehow makes it look deceptively easy. As a professional musician myself, I love to listen and try to emulate his performances. Just don't get in an accordion cutting contest with this guy!"
Robert Kennedy, Robert Kennedy Music  (link)
  • "Thanks for your great musicianship. Everyone loves you in the group and you're such an inspiration. Thanks for making some sections sound more secure."
Richard Yaus, director of AbsolutAccord professional accordion ensemble in appreciation of being an interim member
  • "Mike Zampiceni was recommend to me as a substitute accordionist for our 25-piece mandolin orchestra. Even though he was unfamiliar with our type of music,  he was able to sight-read his part without difficulty.  He was especially sensitive to not overpower the subtle sounds of the mandolins with his accordion, and used switches that complemented the orchestsra. He added a great deal to the overall sound of the orchestra, and I believe he is one of the best accordionists around. I believe that Mike is a musician of the highest caliber and is able to play in any situation.  We look forward to more sessions together."
Josephine Pellegrini, director/conductor of the Aurora Mandolin Orchestra (link)
What Students Say
  • "Mike is fabulously talented in a wide variety of genres and is great at explaining how to play them. He is gentle in criticism and very supportive at all levels." - Daniel C., professional violinist in St. Michael Trio (link)
  • "Not only is Mike an extraordinary accordionist, he is a consistent and patient instructor. I look forward to my lesson every week." - Rosemary B., Palo Alto
  • "Mike has a hands-on teaching style integrated with little bits of music theory. He provides constructive criticism in a caring and patient manner. Mike is the ideal teacher for those, like me, returning to the accordion, or those just beginning. Taking lessons from Mike is a great investment on my musical journey." - Marybarbara Z., Morgan Hill
  • "It has been a great pleasure to have taken accordion lessons from Mike Zampiceni for more than ten years. He has a great depth of musical knowledge acquired through formal university education, and is an accomplished performer on a variety of keyboard instruments. Every hour spent with him opens new doors for my better understanding and enjoying playing music. Over the years, he has had a profound effect on my playing, and he has greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the activity." - Don S., Cupertino

  • "We are very lucky to have such a virtuoso as Mike teaching our son. He draws on a vast repertoire of playing and teaching experience, and keeps our son enthusiastic with great music and the right amount of challenge. We are very pleased with the rate of progress." - Yanxin W., San Jose


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